8 Good Reasons to Go Crazy

Gone Crazy back soonAs you can see (if you’ve been following me), I’ve “gone crackers” (again!), and done something slightly crazy: renamed this blog for the umpteenth time. (If you’re new here, welcome.)

The latest name, CrackerJacks, doesn’t have anything to do with anything (as my good friend Elaine is fond of saying when conversations take detours), other than it makes me think of popcorn and excellence, both of which I adore.

It may have been crazy to rename the blog, but it was even crazier to fire it up in the first place, given all the other stuff I already do, so it made perfect sense (or at least it did to me) to add another dollop of nuts on top of the existing chocolate sundae of craziness for good measure.

That got me thinking. (Can you see the smoke from where you are?)

“Perhaps being crazy is actually a good thing!” (Said I to myself, myself having been a square peg in a round hole pretty much from the get go, and BTW isn’t it interesting how we seek to validate our own beliefs about reality? Grist for yet another mill…)

Once the words had been silently spoken, I was compelled to find evidence that would transform the possibility into reality. The Internet, naturally, obliged. Continue reading

Colourize your world

Purple rocks tooMake a statement. Go wild. Have fun. Colour your hair. Paint your lips. Go GaGa.

Be crazy. Try new things. Try new thinks.

Dance naked. Dance clothed. Dance around in circles. Dance with yourself. Dance in groups. Dance in pairs. Dance inside and out. Dance randomly. Wherever. Whenever. Why-ever. Woot!

Do it. Do it. Do it. Do. It. Life is short. Colourize your world!

P.S. Purple streaks by Colour.Bug, which also comes in #PINK, coral and neon green 🙂

Puke your life out with PASSION!

This video holds the key to life. Really.

The secret is: don’t be “all retch and no vomit.”

I know, I know, it sounds pretty disgusting. But life is messy. Really fucking messy. And when you think about it, the analogy makes sense. It does.

Unsure? Take a look and see if you don’t agree…


I thought you might like it 🙂

Go on out there and puke your guts out.

That’s what I’m doing. I plan on dying with an empty stomach.

Re-Born AGAIN!!!

Just short of five years ago, I wrote my first-ever blog post. I was a blog virgin.

The “old” blog is part of my wildly successful website AmazingWomenRock.com. Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating slightly, it’s more “mildly” than “wildly.”

Still, it does get about 20,000 unique visits a month, has an associated Facebook page with close to 40,000 fans, a Twitter account with about 15,000 followers and several other loosely linked accounts including a YouTube channel, as well as SheQuotes, FindingPINK and WhatLifeIs, which also all have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Wow.  I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I was, until I listed all that stuff!

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