10 Notes in an Ode to Joy

A beautiful accident

A beautiful accident

According to a happiness test I once took, I score highly on the “happiness scale.”

But I don’t often feel happiness. Rather, I frequently feel joy, which for me is a different and deeper emotion, and which can be evoked by the simplest everyday things.

There are countless notes in my continuing ode to joy; here are 10 of them: Continue reading

When I die, I want to come back as a goat…

baby goat jump for joyYeah. I’m crazy as they come. This is YET ANOTHER new blog.

BUT, this one replaces the one I just started a few weeks ago, because that one became the “mother” site for everything I do (check it out!).

Like Buttermilk the baby goat in the video below (guaranteed to make you LOL), I think spring is making me creative, exuberant and in the mood to jump for joy.

ANYWAY, I needed ANOTHER new personal blog to replace the one that became pregnant and gave birth to a whole litter of hopping new “sites,” of which this is one. It is my personal blog: CrackerJacks (more about CrackerJacks here).

I wanted to launch CrackerJacks with something joyful. My friend @Kamyar synchronistically sent me Buttermilk’s gloriously joyful jumping video. It’s perfect:

Spring fever

Cardinal_birdQuestion: Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is?

Answer: Many of them are in my backyard, much to my joy and delight.

Weeks ago, on my early morning walks, I heard cardinals sing as I sauntered down Sherbrooke street, especially around Anne’s house, in which I now sit tapping away on today’s prompt (i.e. “spring fever”). Continue reading

5 Steps to Success

She Bear 1 Inspiration lands in my inbox every day, sometimes in the form of images like the ones in this post.

I have no way of knowing who took the pics, when, or where (despite having searched the Internet for clues).

Though I’ve failed (so far) to find the source of these amazing photographs, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of using them to talk about success. Continue reading