I’m confused Facebook… (Trigger warning)

I was temporarily blocked from Facebook on Wednesday, May 22, for posting this image on my AmazingWomenRock Facebook page in support of the open letter campaign jointly spearheaded by Women, Action, & Media (WAM), The Everyday Sexism Project and writer/activist Soraya Chemaly:

Tape her and rape her big

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Blocked for being a “bad girl?” (Trigger warning)

AWR when blockedI was temporarily blocked from Facebook (i.e. access to my personal account and my four pages) on Wednesday, May 22.

It happened after I posted content in support of an open letter demanding “swift, comprehensive and effective action addressing the representation of rape and domestic violence on Facebook.”

Was I given the Facebook equivalent of a slap on the wrist for being a “bad girl?” Or was Facebook legitimately trying to enforce its community standards, particularly in the aftermath of the open letter?

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What keeps us going?

Love and prayers going out to Oklahoma, Syria, Palestine, the whole of Africa, pretty much all of South America as well. Central America too.

Ummm. Pakistan. Afghanistan. In fact, all of the “stan” countries. Ah what the hell, all of Central Asia. And Southeast Asia. Comet to think of it, most of China too. The former USSR. The Balkans. Oh. That would be most of Eastern Europe. Hmmm.

Drought, floods, tornadoes, war, rape, killing, disease, depression and violence everywhere. One wonders what keeps the human race from just pulling the plug.

Oh yeah. Now I remember…AWR Hope