About Susan

Welcome to Amazing Susan “a la carte” a virtual menu of my various online and offline endeavors.

A bit about eclectic me:

I’m a feminist, writer, blogger, editor, speaker, PR professional, communications coach, life coach, Canadian resident/global citizen, wannabe geek, humble traveler, sometime rabble-rouser, occasional triathlete and nude model, and self-proclaimed amazing woman. I’m passionate about freedom, fun, and pink, as well as for excellence in all types of communications (written and spoken).

Part of my overall purpose in life is to inspire others, especially women, to find their voice and make it heard personally and professionally. New mini- and micro-purposes arise regularly from that, and I pursue new creative ventures as they bubble to the surface of my life.

I lived in the United Arab Emirates for 18 years and love to travel. At the moment, I’m a global nomad with a “pied a terre” in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

I also:

And I:

  • Coach in the areas of building personal confidence and public speaking (from getting over the fear of it to making the maximum impact as a professional)
  • Model nude (in person, by appointment, for artists only, and never online)
  • Host fellow travelers in my funky Canadian home when I’m not globetrotting myself

You can reach me here: susan@amazingwomenrock.com

Ciao ciao!

Susan 🙂

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