Dead to the World

Sleeping Woman (1935) A beautiful piece of art by Tamara de  Lempicka (see link below)

Sleeping Woman (1935) A beautiful piece of art by Tamara de Lempicka (see link below)

Eyes open.
A thought bubbles to the surface:
“I’m awake.”
Awareness skips
across my consciousness
forcing me to stir.
I resist.

I burrow deeper
into the folds of the duvet.
I will bury myself
alive today, tomorrow
and the next.

Not the book.
My eyelids.
I turn on my side
to face a window
of clear blue sky.
Dawn is long gone.
I’ve slept late.
Very, very late.

Another thought:
“I should go for a walk.”
But I don’t.
I close my eyes,
drift back into
that which eluded me
this night
like others before it.

I float
half in
half out
of a restless slumber
that bumps into dreams
here and there and
mumbles an obligatory greeting
but doesn’t stop for more.
It hides inside, hangs a
Do Not Disturb sign
on its door.

“Go away life,”
I whisper to my wakefulness.
Leave me alone
in this sleepy place
where regrets
don’t poke and prod me
and cause my heart to ache.

Let me be dead
to this world for awhile,
until wounds heal
and joyful angels
take me by the hand
once again.

Beautiful image Woman Sleeping (1935) by Tamara de Lempicka


3 thoughts on “Dead to the World

  1. I feel this way every morning. I’m so grateful for my little rescued Doxies who, while they snuggle up with me under the covers, do eventually insist I get up in the morning. Thank you for this poem, these thoughts.

    • Fur people are just SO good at unconditional love and giving us something to get out bed for when we feel things are a little bleak….

      Thanks for your comment @Christy ❤ ❤ ❤

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